While SAP ERP&SRM have robust functionality to deal with Procurement processes they largely remained as standalone systems that did not natively connect with vendor networks thereby lacking real time collaboration with vendors. SAP acquired ARIBA to bridge this gap in functionality. Ariba network is the largest global trading network connecting and automating billions worth of commerce transactions.
Smartgate2Ariba is a solution to integrate traditional SAP ERP & SRM systems that have been installed on premise with cloud based Ariba Network. The solution combines SAP’s core applications with the Ariba cloud-based network to deliver unprecedented innovation, efficiency and business value for customers in the following ways:
  • Truly an end-to-end solution that enables companies to achieve a closed-loop from source-to-pay, regardless of whether they deploy in the cloud, on-premise or through a combination of both
  • Relationship and transaction information from commerce activity in the Ariba network together with SAP’s leading analytics will provide real-time insights to enable trading partners to discover, connect and collaborate more effectively
  • Collaborate with a global network of partners and businesses of all sizes, anywhere, at any time from any application or device to buy, sell more efficiently and effectively than ever
SmartGate2Ariba is a rapidly deployable solution delivered with preconfigured settings to cut short implementation time lines. Installation of SAP Business Suite AddOn for Ariba Network enables a set of Web Service interfaces which can directly consume and create cXML messages without any additional middleware. Customers can also choose from multiple technical connectivity options depending upon their technical infrastructure.
The solution covers several processes including Creation of Purchase Order & Purchase Order change, Goods Receipt, Invoice Status Update, Remittance advice and Receipt of Purchase Order Response, Advanced Shipment Notice, Invoice. SmartGate2Ariba brings the following benefits to the customers:
  • More efficient operation with paperless transactions
  • Reduction in manual errors and data inconsistencies
  • Increase in the number of documents processed
  • Lower total cost of operations due to preconfiguration
  • Discovery of new suppliers
  • Better alignment between business data and supplier data
  • Better collaboration with suppliers
This integration also covers master and transactional data integration between SAP Business Suite and Ariba Procurement Solution P2P or P2O. The master data integration is flat file (CSV) based and established with the Ariba Integration Toolkit (ITK).
Key Process steps covered
  • Supplier/Vendor Master Data Onboarding
  • Purchase Org Master Data Onboarding
  • Accounting Master Data Onboarding
  • Purchase Order Transactional Data Integration
  • Goods Receipt Transactional Data Integration
  • Invoice Transactional Data Integration (if required)
  • Remittance Transactional Data Integration (if required)
Beyond the traditional processes, customers can see the following benefits from the integrated solution, depending upon the level of adoption.
  • Instant access to more than a million companies in 190 countries in 20,000 categories
  • Error correction via policy and compliance rules enforcement
  • Ability to perform Spend analysis among families of suppliers
  • Acceleration of contract life cycle
  • Discovery of new sources of supply and up to date information on suppliers
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