The traditional Marketplace is going through a digital transformation.It is vital to engage with customers anytime, anywhere communicating with them using whatever media they use by taking advantage of the cloud, mobile and social networking technologies. Organizations equipped to present their goods and services with a touch of customization when a customer wants to interact, are poised to succeed in the new digital Marketplace.

SAP’s acquisition of Hybrisomni channel commerce platform momentously enabled SAP clients to engage with and gather information about their customers and their shopping behaviors – a capability not available in the traditional backend SAP ERP systems.

Our SmarteComm integration solution builds the bridge between SAP ERP system and Hybris commerce platform so SAP clients can instantly make available B2C and B2B transactions to their customers from any device they choose to interact with. For integration with SAP ERP a standard integration scenario is defined in which ERP will send and receive messages using the well-known IDOC based interface via the ‘Datahub’.

The SmarteComm solution makes use of the Hybris/SAP integration framework from Hybris eliminating any custom development. The solution provides a standard way of integrating SAP back-end processes with Hybris Commerce Suite Omni-commerce functionality. It offers integration options in the following areas:

  • Transfer of master data, prices, stock level, order documents between Hybris and SAP ERP using Hybris Data Hub and web services communication
  • Supports following scenarios:
    • Asynchronous order management integration, recommended for B2C and simple B2B projects
    • Tightly coupled B2B process integration via synchronous order management integration
    • Pick & Choose flexible scenario via combination of synchronous and asynchronous integration
  • Solution and services configuration, featuring the SAP Configure Price Quote run time engine
  • Integration with SAP Hybris Marketing functionality for audience profiling based on click behavior.
  • Integration with SAP Hybris Marketing functionality for segmentation and personalization including predictive analysis
  • Integration with SAP Hybris Marketing, for providing product recommendations based upon analysis of customers offline and online behavior.
  • Integration with SAP CAR to access point of sales data gathered in Hybris Commerce Suite – Additionally, shopping data will be available for online buyers through their accounts in the storefronts.
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