Executives, especially those in Sales and Finance domains, have always been looking for dashboards to get real time information from backend systems without a hassle. It was always a struggle for IT departments to come up with a way to gather, compile and present meaningful information visually. Providing that information on portable devices is another challenge.

SAP S/4HANA has native capabilities to make all that possible and relatively easy to accomplish.


S/4HANA can act as the digital core for the entire enterprise supporting the Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data, real-time analytics, mobile, business networks, third party systems and more. It empowers business users with real time insights helping to take quick decisions. S/4HANA has a smaller data footprint but a higher throughput. S/4HANA is designed to use SAP Fiori UX which is device independent and can be viewed on laptops, tablets or mobile phones. SmartDashboards are executive dashboards built in FIORI as extensions to S/4HANA. SmartDashboardseffectively utilize the real time data obtained from the S/4HANA system by the HANA XS engine to present status of operations or KPI. A people-centric design delivers a new experience that drives adoption and empowers users.

The CDS views created from the core data in S/4HANA are projected as OData services for consumption by the Dashboards powerd by FIORI. Data can be displayed in the tables or pleasing and intuitive graphics. The Dashboards have tabs to accommodate multiple categories of data so one dashboard can include a large number of KPI. The SmartDashboards are user friendly, device agnostic, visually rich and can be implemented for a variety of cross industry applications.

Smartsoft can build your Dashboards in no time using the predeveloped code segments and graphics templates.

SAP helps your business run better. Smartsoft makes your SAP run better.