SAP Support

Smartsoft has been helping many SAP customers with tailored SAP Application Management Services. We have several contented long term customers making use of our support services year after year, enjoying the following benefits:
  • Reliable attrition proof support
  • In-house teams get more bandwidth to work on strategy and planning
  • Lower costs
  • Readily scalable teams based on demand
  • 24X7 Support
  • Proactive application maintenance
  • Well monitored systems
Customers have total flexibility in defining the support structure they need based on their in-house teams composition and strengths, organizational policies and budgets. Smartsoft team will interact and work together with the in-house teams,relieving them from the burden of daily work so they can focus on strategic projects and long term objectives.
Smartsoft offers the following SAP support services on site, offsite or from offshore or in any combination that best fits the needs of the customer.
  • Functionality enhancements
  • Configuration of new business processes/ modules
  • Level 2, 3 application helpdesk
  • Technical development
  • Building interfaces and integration with 3rd party products
  • Basis administration of all SAP systems in the landscape
  • Installation of new SAP instances
  • OS/DB migrations
  • Move systems to the cloud
  • SAP application patching and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Data volume management
  • Staff augmentation
Smartsoft has robust mechanisms and processes in place to quickly engage with the customer, get knowledge transfer and begin support in the shortest possible time. Support managers ensure smooth operation by frequently reviewing the work with the customer.

Smartsoft has over a decade of experience in providing onsite and remote support services. At Smartsoft we understand the nuances of remote support and we built tools, processes, management supervision, and feedback mechanisms to make every support contract effective and reliable.
Reliable, high quality and worry free SAP support is an achievable goal. We invite you to contact us to discuss your support needs.