SAP Utilities

SAP Utilities

Utilities industry makes great use of diverse technologies and software solutions to meet customer expectations while improving regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. SAP has a long history of addressing the needs of the industry with solutions for electricity, natural gas and water companies.

SAP solutions help optimize their asset operations, provide superior customer relationship and billing, capabilities. From managing Smartgrid analytics to advanced integration with CRM and GIS,the solutions have everything a utility needs to run at peak efficiency.

Smartsoft has been providing SAP life cycle services to the utilities industry for over a decade. Smartsoft is proud to state that the company was the integration partner in the implementation of Smart meter initiative at the nation’s largest public utility. It was the first end to end integration of Smart Meters with SAP IS-U with capability to read and record meter usage every 15 minutes. Smartsoft is also working with partners in other AMI projects in US and Canada.

Enterprise Asset Management is a key focus area for the utilities burdened with ageing infrastructure and ever increasing costs of maintenance. Smartsoft has vast expertise in implementing and supporting EAM at utilities and public sector organizations emphasizing on achieving operational efficiency, enabling mobile access for staff for higher productivity while cutting delays and saving costs with paperless transactions.

Excellent customer service is a prerequisite to retain customers and their loyalty in deregulated markets. Utilities need sophisticated systems to process multichannel input to get 360 degree view of the customer, reduce errors, improve service and quickly respond to requests from customers. Smartsoft solution architects can help integrate SAP CRM with IS-U configuring process flows weaving through both the systems to deliver the desired customer centric functionality.

Unlike manufacturing industry Utilities have to manage plants, facilities, equipment, stations and service areas spread over vast geographical areas. Field staff carry maps with them to locate equipment for reading, repair or replacement. Smartsoft specializes in integrating GIS systems with SAP EAM enabling staff to conduct SAP work and asset management tasks using an easy and intuitive map based interface.

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