SAP Leonardo, named after the original “Renaissance Man” – Leonardo da Vinci – SAP Leonardo is built to help companies navigate the new, digital renaissance and become digital businesses. It is SAP’s digital innovation system that can integrate breakthrough technologies and run them seamlessly in the cloud. It offers design thinking methodology and SAP expertise to help businesses rapidly adopt new capabilities and business models – and accelerate digital transformation.

SAP Leonardo augments and automates processes, making a business’s existing applications more intelligent, helping quick adoption of game-changing applications – or developing solutions to power new business models.

SAP Leonardo which SAP terms as their new digital innovation system is flexible and open – so you can easily build solutions specific to any industry or business need. To facilitate even faster development, accelerators are available for Retail, Consumer Products, Discrete Manufacturing, Sports and Entertainment, Travel and Transportation, Utilities, and Chemicals. These scalable, fixed-price solutions include cloud subscription licenses, design thinking services, and more.

The vision of Leonardo is to help run business live; connecting every part of your business: people, products, assets, customers, vendors… to create intelligent enterprise. This can be done by integrating AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Blockchain and Design Thinking into business processes.

SAP aggregates the similar needs or problems of a set of customers, and tailors use cases, solutions for specific environments for the customers. The blueprint will help customers create intelligent enterprise by building a system of intelligence connected to a system of records, to enable connectivity and intelligence. This enables customers to innovate without the need to heavily upfront investment in technologies, infrastructure, or an in house army of data scientists and technologists, and focus more on business innovation.

Here’s an example how it was done at TRENITALIA:

Digital Transformation requires a lot of technologies, and SAP has put together an offer to cover most of the key areas:

Is this vapor-ware or something real?

Here are a few examples and explanation:

  • SAP has helped TRENITALIA (Italian transportation company) reduce maintenance cost by 8-10%
  • Bayer improved employee productivity by implementing a front-end chatbot for procurement application
  • Bosch optimized maintenance 3-5% increase equipment and production efficiency
  • City of Buenos Aires achieved 100% flood reduction
  • Harley Davidson increased operation performance (~7% cost, +19% net margin, +25% dividends)
  • Under Amour: visibility to customer’s fitness footprint workout habits using IoT, enable better customer engagement and revenue growth
  • and more…

We are at the convergence of new exciting technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, and IoT. There are products and services available now that were not available just a few years ago. Businesses must think about how new technologies can help to create new products, services, re-design current processes, optimize assets and investments and re-think customer, partners, and employee engagements.

However, the journey should be business innovation focused, not technology focused. SAP has put together an interesting innovation package to help customers transform to digital, intelligent business. Leonardo will give SAP opportunities to get businesses to talk about their problems and plans so that SAP can improve their software.


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