Through decades of mobile solution deployment, Smartsoft principals have developed multiple best practices to ensure ROI in Consumer and Enterprise Mobility Solutions.  Here are the top 10 lessons that you should apply in your project.  Contact Smartsoft for more information.

  1. Mobile Strategy – Think for tomorrow. Think enterprise access. Identify who needs mobile access, then multiply that number by 10. Then by 100.
  2. Business to Everyone – Understand the evolving means for you to provide information to your employees, partners, and customers.
  3.  Packaged Apps – Address the needs of the greatest number of mobile users in your enterprise first.
  4. Take the Mobile User’s Perspective – Rethink traditional mobility. Devices and the audience are different. Focus on meeting needs, on-demand.
  5. Project Execution – Skills needed, deployment methods, and the user-base have evolved. Traditional project techniques need to be upgraded.
  6. Dynamic Mobility eco-system – Understand the trends and forecasts. Design a strategy that can adjust to the rapid and broad changes in the mobility space.
  7. Understand your audience’s expectations – What is your audience asking of you?
  8. Design for Performance – Abandon archaic methods and capitalize on what technology can offer today and what evolving technology will offer tomorrow.
  9. Invest in the User Experience – Solution adoption drives ROI. Mobile access increases the ROI of the back-office systems. Focus on your solution’s user experience.
  10. Needs of Your Mobile Audience – How will your audience engage with your business? Who is “your audience”? Answer – everyone!

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