Why IPO?

Plant production data and other relevant data points are auto gathered from machines and systems. In general, these systems and machines output specific data on the tasks performed. They do not communicate with each other. So customers need a solution that can analyze the data and generate meaningful intelligence. Following are the business needs:

  • Get plant’s equipment availability, efficiency, and comprehensive productivity stats with only a few clicks
  • Compare performance across plant sites, personnel, or historical trends
  • Get live machine performance, alarms, notifications, and other optimization tools to improve productivity on the go.
  • Set productivity targets, track production schedules, optimize machine utilization

Key Performance Indicators by area:


The Intelligent Plant Operations (IPO) is a plant-wide Intelligent system that consists of the following to run any plant as smart plant with ready access to information.

  • Automated KPI Dashboarding and Reporting
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Downtime Tracking
  • Production Analytics
  • Delay Accounting
  • Digital Daily/Shift logs of plant

IPO is a solution which puts an organization’s multiple module data types into a centralized and concise system. This solution is aimed to help small, mid and large plants in obtaining intelligent information using cloud and local machines. One of the key features of the solution is ease of use, which is what customers need in complex IT environments.

The target audience can be plant users, supervisors, operators performing tasks on a daily basis in areas such as safety, quality, production, maintenance and shipping. Also, the solution is built to be a single source of truth that will enable effective communication and reduce reporting workflow at plant level.



  • Accelerated data acquisition from multiple systems, machines and processes.
  • Plant wise application building on gaps (ex: Digital Shift log…)
  • Data harmonization
  • Data science & Reporting
  • User interface and Security

Sample Dashboards: