Founded in 1997, the company has steadily grown to be a highly recognized and trusted partner for SAP services and solutions that bring value to SAP customers across all industry segments. Smartsoft has been helping several Fortune 1000 companies gain better ROI, cut support costs, and improve efficiency in operations.

With solid business partnerships, long term relationships with clients, excellent track record and broad expertise in all SAP solutions, Smartsoft is uniquely positioned in the market as a one stop shop for all SAP clients.

Smartsoft International Inc., is today the trusted service provider and systems integration partner to some of America’s leading corporations including Siemens Energy & Automation, Nissan Motors, Motorola, CPS Energy and Medquist.

An SAP service partner since 2003, Smartsoft always had a close association with SAP America developing business solutions and working along with SAP on their projects. Smartsoft developed a mobile application currently being used by hundreds of SAP America’s field engineering personnel. Smartsoft’s offshore teams also work for SAP India and SAP America Global Delivery organizations participating in solution development and support.