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Solution Overview:

Our payment gateway validates the customer’s card details securely, ensures the funds are available and eventually enables merchants to get paid. The payment gateway works as the middleman between customer and the Bank, ensuring the transaction is carried out securely and promptly.

Our payment gateway solution receives all the requests from various POS machines, transmit to authorized agencies for security proof, pass it on to Core Banking System for transaction completion thereafter sends success or failure message back to customer at POS.


  • Provides AEPS / e-KYC / RuPay transactions which is highly scalable, robust and secure
  • Provides Biometric, IRIS, Finger Print, Best Finger Print, Transaction aggregation & Switching, Interface to core banking systems and Secure Key Management
  • Meets compliance and industry standards
  • Helps reduce costs and errors
  • Provides operational flexibility, reliability, scalability and inter-operability.
  • Conforms to industry best practices that helps reduce costs and risks.

Solution Architecture