Internal Portal Management System

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Solution Overview:

Our Internal Portal Management System (IPM) is a workflow-based collaboration platform that offers workflow management, collaboration between workgroups or subgroups, and policy managed content publication.

Our light weight we-based solution is developed using open standards following n-tier architecture. It is platform independent and ensures high availability even on very low bandwidth, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership. It perfectly fits organizations that are looking for a single solution that can be rapidly deployed, simple to learn and user-friendly and can easily be maintained without interfering with critical business operations. It helps managers to be in total control of the business at all times with business information being available real time and on-demand.

Solution Architecture


  • Open highly scalable architecture and can be deployed in multiple platforms
  • Dashboard functionality
  • Scales to increasing transaction volume, users, locations, units and documents
  • User-friendly interface and seamlessly integrates with third-party tools
    Seamless integration with third party tools
  • Extendibility to Mobile devices
  • Provides Full Audit trail
  • Single Source of entry