Smart Business Board

(All in One-Central Reporting Dashboard)

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Solution Description:

The BI solution Smart Business Board that combines Finance, Sales, Forecast, Budget, Inventory, COPC and COPA in one reporting solution.

  • Dashboard that includes Sales, COGS, Standard Gross Margins, budgeted values, SG&A, Depreciation, EBIT and EBITDA.
  • Details out plant related spending-manufacturing variances, standards revision expense, inventory adjustments to calculate Actual Gross margin.
  • Produces an operational cash flow details.
  • Production reporting includes production volumes as well as manufacturing variances incurred. Plant spending by production component – materials, energy & overheads. Provides component reporting for actual and target volumes and cost.
  • Inventory position reporting includes month end inventory values as well as beginning of the year values and prior month values. The month ending inventory is compared to the sales forecast for the next 90 days.


Smart Business Board: Easy visuals of core ERP and more….