22 Jan

No/Low code Platform

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Providing a development environment used to create application software through a graphical user interface instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming. A no/low-code platform may produce entirely operational applications or require minor additional coding for specific and/or unique complex situations. You can build cloud-native applications in days with help of Smartsoft expertise.

What we do

Application Build

We build a complete application in a single day that includes source code at the end of the class

Connect to multiple data sources

We do multiple databases and application sources connection guidance

Add Workflow

We configure your app and conditional logic to your solution.

Deploy & Test across multiple channels

We demonstrate on-prem and cloud deployment as well as test across a variety of laptop and mobile devices.


We leverage our high-productivity focused, powerful tools to deploy and manage you

Out-systems can give you everything you need to build enterprise apps incredibly fast.

  • Low-code development: Build cloud-native applications 10x faster with 70% less resources
  • Connect to various data sources: Applications for any channel, any device, online and offline, smart and connected
  • Unlock and extend your data and systems: Integrate data and logic from SAP, Microsoft, ERP, CRM and more
  • Enable the Digital Twin: Deep integration with Siemens portfolio to build applications that enable the most robust Digital Twin
  • Multi-cloud: 1-Click deploy to any public or private cloud, as well as on-premises and edge