Smartsoft has a highly experienced Integration team with 25 years of track record working on complex and large scale integration projects.


New Implementation & Upgrades of Platforms

Multi-System Connection

Platinum level Technical Consulting

Integration from Devices, Systems and Social networks

Realtime integration to Transport systems, devices and more

Why SAP PO is used by large enterprises?

Single integration platform

  • Addressing the needs of multiple integration domains with one single solution
  • Message bus for Big Data and IoT scenarios
  • Enhanced OData provisioning capabilities

Flexible deployment options

  • Shared capabilities between PI on-premises and HANA Cloud Integration
  • Smart Process Applications on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Developer productivity

  • Further enhancements in Integration Flow and ESR tools
  • Interface and Mapping Guidelines via Integration Advisor
  • Eclipse Luna (4.4) and Java 8 support
  • BPMN inclusive gatewayDeclarative forms for BPM tasks
  • Browser-based Form and Approval Workflow Editor
  • Enhanced forms engine for BPMRunning HANA Cloud Integration content on Process Orchestration


  • Further enhancements of REST adapter
  • JMS provider for BPM events

Governance and operations

  • Integration with SAP API Management

The full-blown Integration Platform on Cloud – SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Advantages are:

  • Strategic service for OD-OD & OP-OD integration on SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • Solution for S/4 HANA HEC, Public cloud Integrations.
  • Supports Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • Custom APIs/Interfaces/Cloud applications Integrations. Custom Adapter SDK available
  • Pre-packaged integration content hub in cloud –“Discover, Configure, Manage”
  • Engineered for Cloud: Multi-tenancy, rolling software updates, horizontal scalability.
  • Subscription-based usage.
  • Strong focus on security including data isolation.
  • SAP’s strategic tool for SuccessFactors, S/4 HANA Cloud For Customer , EDI/B2B, etc. Integrations.
  • Open for partners – projects, content, connectivity etc.

Integration using Microsoft Azure Logic Apps

Logic Apps helps you build solutions that integrate apps, data, systems, and services across enterprises or organizations by automating tasks and business processes as workflows. Features are:

  • Process and route orders across on-premises systems and cloud services.
  • Move uploaded files from an SFTP or FTP server to Azure Storage.
  • Send email notifications with Office 365 when events happen in various systems, apps, and services.
  • Monitor tweets for a specific subject, analyze the sentiment, and create alerts or tasks for items that need review
  • Visually build workflows with easy-to-use tools
  • Get started faster with logic app templates
  • Connect disparate systems across different environments
  • First-class support for enterprise integration and B2B scenarios for Microsoft BizTalk Server, Azure Functions, API Management, Service Bus and process XML messages & flat files
  • Exchange messages with EDIFACT, AS2, and X12 protocols
  • Store and manage these B2B artifacts and more in one place with integration
  • Reusability and Built-in extensibility