Intelligent ERP

Smartsoft has implemented 70 Intelligent ERP and supporting large number of customers successfully in SAP and Microsoft software


Green, Brown or Blue Field

Best Practices

Solution Architecture

Development, Integration and Analytics

Power Platform

S/4 HANA Greenfield Implementation

SAP Activate framework combines Best practices and Agile methodology for rapid delivery.

Globalization, M&A and changing business models are driving organizations to seek the right Enterprise software solutions. SAP S/4HANA eminently fits the bill. Smartsoft’s Business Transformation and S/4 HANA implementation approach can help businesses realize the following benefits.

  • Transparency: Increase transparency with a single and central source of truth.
  • Flexibility: Ability to quickly adapt to changing business environments.
  • Efficiency: Improve process efficiency by integration and automation.
  • Service: Improve quality of service to customers and partners.
  • Cost Reduction: Reduce multiplicity in systems and applications.

S/4 HANA Brown field Implementation

Brownfield / systems conversion is the choice for those businesses wanting to retain the current configuration/customization but like  to take advantage of the speed and power of HANA platform and the simplifications and innovations  offered by  S/4HANA.

System conversion projects are not necessarily  complicated nor are they excessively disruptive as they were once thought to be.  SAP delivered tool sets such as Migration cockpit for data transfer are available to facilitate a smooth transition to S/4HANA.

Digital transformation services

It is imperative that all businesses will need to adapt to operate in the new digital economy to be able to provide services with agility and speed to customers, suppliers, workforce, stakeholders and other entities. Users also demand information in real time on whatever device they have and wherever they are. Additionally, rapidly increasing amounts of data to be processed and analyzed is another challenge. Current IT infrastructures, processes and legacy technologies have made growth in the digital economy difficult. Actually, they are even acting as inhibitors.

Today business and technology are so intertwined that companies can no longer view their SAP strategy separately from their digital strategy. Unified strategy is the need of the hour to survive the digital world. Smartsoft can help with its wide range of digital transformation services.


Smartsoft has 50+ Power Platform Implementations. The Service represents low-code, mobile enabled delivery for application that include:

  • Common Data Store & Data Services;
  • Dynamics CRM O365 full-life cycle;
  • Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations implementations;
  • Mobile Power Apps Data Collection;
  • Power Flow Workflow Process Automation; and,
  • Power BI Analytics