Intro MICROSOFT POWER PLATFORM DELIVERY Here are just a few ideas of all you can do with Azure Microsoft Azure & Power Platform

Smartsoft has 50+ Power Platform Implementations. This represents low-code, mobile enabled delivery for application that include:

Common Data Store & Data Services

Dynamics CRM O365 full-life cycle

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations implementations

Mobile Power Apps Data Collection

Power Flow Workflow Process Automation

Power BI Analytics


Common Data Platform is being introduced by Microsoft as a data standard that can be used to provide a consistent, reusable nomenclature across multiple systems. The value that Smartsoft provides clients is as follows:

  • Single meta-data definition across multiple systems.
  • Data modeling of Common Data Definitions even across multiple systems such as Salesforce or SQL Server.
  • Process analysis across common data platform entities.
  • Rapid prototyping of applications via a Common Data Model.


Many Smartsoft customers begin with an Excel spreadsheet and a vision for where they want to go. Smartsoft can provide a path from “Excel mayhem” to data consistency across multiple systems. Our services include:

  • Spreadsheet analysis and macro optimization;
  • Data modeling across multiple worksheets and data sources;
  • Transparency and visualization across multiple spreadsheets;
  • Spreadsheet automation via Microsoft Flow; and,
  • Power BI visualization given complex Excel data.