Robotic Automation Process

SmartSoft is certified in all 6 facets of RPA with solutions considered by analysts such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC as leading solutions.

Data Capture

Multi-source Connection





Analysts categorize RPA into 6 facets: SmartSoft completes the wheel with certified expertise

SmartSoft disagrees with some analyst opinion: Kofax, for example, represents a “data capture” element most analyst do not recognize as a category which is a stunning gap of in analysis.

“RPA diagnostic” – offered with certified expertise: We offer a 3-day assessment to determine the tools and architecture that align with your specific requirements and goals.

RPA and IoT often work in-concert: While our RPA capabilities are extensive, they often work in concert with deliveries such as IoT and even augmented reality where we have strength.

Platform Based on Use Case: We are an RPA platform provider with amplified certifications across many platforms with expertise that represents a strategic view such as IoT and Data Science.

Data Capture: Active client data capturing processing from Emails, Forms, Signatures, Applications and Databases.

Extraction – captured, extracted and standardized: Once data is extracted from various sources with leverage our AI practice to extract, standardized and “shape” data into a standard, verified format

Exceptions Expected & Addressed: Unstructured data sources such as written forms and different data sources are sure to produce inconsistencies.  We leverage our AI/ML platforms to elevate data capture exceptions.

Human Assist Approach: We generally side on the perspective that even the most advanced robot requires training, review and refinement.  Most of our RPA implementations require a robotic and human element working in concert.