Smart Gate2Ariba

Solution Description:

Efficient and streamlined paperless procurement process with ECC and SRM integrated with Ariba. I’s a rapid deployment solution to integrate SAP customer’s on-premise SAP back end systems to the powerful Ariba Network – a business to business collaboration platform in the cloud. The solution enables bidirectional electronic exchange of documents in real time. Installation of SAP Business Suite Add-on for Ariba Network enables a set of Web Service interfaces which can directly consume and create cXML messages without any additional middleware. Customers can also choose from multiple technical connectivity options.

  • More efficient operation with paperless transactions
  • Reduction in manual errors and data inconsistencies
  • Increase in the number of documents processed
  • Lower total cost of operations due to pre-configuration
  • Discovery of new suppliers
  • Better alignment between business data and supplier data
  • Better collaboration with suppliers