Is your data capture, multisource connection, extraction and standardization done efficiently? Smartsoft is certified in all facets of RPA with solutions considered by analysts such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC as leading solutions. We complete the wheel with certified expertise. Kofax, for example, represents a “data capture” element most analyst do not recognize as a category which is a stunning gap of in analysis.

Production Planning & Execution, Quality, Maintenance

What we do

Data Capture

Active client data capturing processing from Emails, Forms, Signatures, Applications and Databases.

Exceptions Expected & Addressed

Unstructured data sources such as written forms and different data sources are sure to produce inconsistencies.  We leverage our AI/ML platforms to elevate data capture exceptions.

Extraction, captured and standardized

Once data is extracted from various sources with leverage our AI practice to extract, standardized and “shape” data into a standard, verified format.

Human Assist Approach

We generally side on the perspective that even the most advanced robot requires training, review and refinement.  Most of our RPA implementations require a robotic and human element working in concert.


We offer a 3-day assessment to determine the tools and architecture that align with your specific requirements and goals. While our RPA capabilities are extensive, they often work in concert with deliveries such as IoT and even augmented reality where we have strength. We are an RPA platform provider with amplified certifications across many platforms with expertise that represents a strategic view such as IoT and Data Science.