Data Science & IoT

Smartsoft is a Premier Partner of  Alteryx,  which is a decisive alternative for costly, inefficient ETL and API solutions. Smartsoft is a Gold Partner of Siemens Mindsphere, which is the leading IoT platform.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Internet Of Things

Block chain remediation and Technical Consulting


Alteryx Automated workflows

  • Data preparation from applications and multiple data sources
  • Business rules that apply business logic to cleansed data
  • API integration for data delivery between multiple applications
  • Seamless integrations with Power BI, Tableau and Looker


Companies used make significant investments  into building complex integrations. With modern platforms like Alteryx, they can be greatly simplified if not eliminated. Smartsoft has the expertise to evaluate, recommend and build the right solution.


Smartsoft can conduct a two day long onsite data discovery workshop that includes an overview of Alteryx capabilities. Alteryx overview will be provided in a training environment with actual labs so that the participants have an interactive experience on real world scenarios.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT  – Connected Internet enabled devices –  has been growing exponentially. There are estimated billions of devices in homes, factories, oil wells, hospitals, cars, and thousands of other places that are connected or waiting to be connected to the Internet.  Unlocking the full potential of IoT devices requires that organizations understand how to connect them and collect, store, and analyze data to create business value while systematically addressing the underlying challenges. Smartsoft IoT team can evaluate and build the solution using the most suitable software product.