Businesses are making data analytics a priority like never before — so much so that, according to a recent TDWI study, 82% of businesses are prioritizing their budgets around new technologies and services for analytics and business intelligence. Smartsoft has a highly experienced BI and Analytics team with over 150 certifications in multiple products. The team has successfully delivered projects for organizations in several sectors. We have significant experience in providing IT solutions and services to clients in various domains.

Production Planning & Execution, Quality, Maintenance

What we do

Collect Data

We gather data from various data sources such as CRM, ERP, databases, files or APIs, depending on the requirements and resources of a company

Store and Analyze Data

Once data is stored, data cleansing, metadata management, data distribution, storage management, recovery, and backup planning are processes conducted in a data warehouse while business intelligence makes use of tools that focus on statistics, visualization, and data mining.

Integrate Data

When data is collected through scattered systems, we extract data and load it to a data warehouse. We pull data from external sources while ensuring that these sources aren’t negatively impacted with the performance or other issues. We ensure that data is clean and prepared for loading into a data warehouse.

Organize and Distribute

We create business dashboards, or an analytical report, and generate actionable insights needed for improving the operational and strategic efficiency of a business. The data warehouse works behind this process and makes the overall architecture possible. We share information and provide stakeholders with indispensable insights to obtain sustainable business development.


We have successfully delivered projects for organizations in both the commercial and government sectors. We have significant experience in providing Information Technology solutions and services to clients in various domains, such as:
  • Data Integration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Quality
  • Data Migration
  • Master Data Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • B2B Integration
  • Enterprise Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Consolidation and Forecasting solutions