It is imperative that all businesses will need to adapt to operate in the new digital economy, to be able to provide services with agility and speed to customers, suppliers, workforce, stakeholders, business partners and other interested parties. Users also demand information in real time on devices they use and secure access from anywhere. Additionally, the ever so rapidly increasing volume of data to be processed and analyzed is a challenge that needs to be overcome. Technology infrastructure (legacy, current and evolving), processes and the dynamic ecosystems have made growth in the digital economy challenging. These, in some ways become inhibitors that need to be proactively managed.

The reality is that business and technologies today are so intertwined that companies can no longer view their ERP strategy independent of their digital strategy. A well-defined unified strategy is inevitable for companies to survive the dynamic digital world. Smartsoft, with the many successful clients across the globe, can help with its wide range of digital transformation services.

Production Planning & Execution, Quality, Maintenance

What we do

Collect Data

We gather data from various data sources such as CRM, ERP, databases, files or APIs, depending on the business requirements and resources of a company.

Store and Analyze Data

Once data is stored, data cleansing, metadata management, data distribution, storage management, recovery, and backup planning are processes conducted in a data warehouse while business intelligence makes use of tools that focus on statistics, visualization, and data mining.

Integrate Data

When data is collected from disparate systems and/or external sources, we follow best practices to extract data, use appropriate cleansing approaches, prepare and load it to a data warehouse for proper analysis. We ensure that these sources do not impact performance or other issues.

Organize and Distribute

We create business dashboards, or analytical reports, and generate actionable insights needed for improving the operational efficiencies and business outcomes. The data warehouse works behind this process and makes the overall architecture and analysis possible. Information is shared appropriately and provide stakeholders with indispensable insights to leverage and help in the growth of the business.


We have created successful framework that enables proper execution of the business strategy while providing roadmaps that allow an organization to evolve and succeed in the rapidly changing and evolving market conditions.
  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Culture Change and Communication
  • Optimizing Processes
  • Data
  • Technologies
  • Team Structure
  • Results