We help clients across multiple industries achieve their business and technology goals by making their software investments work for them.


A new and dynamic industrial revolution – driven by rapid advancement of digital technologies – is very much upon us. The physical and the virtual worlds are coming together and would have a disruptive impact on manufacturing companies. We, at SmartSoft – having helped manufacturing companies for many over 20+ years – understand this very [...]


As Utilities navigate through turbulent times, they have to take into account and have the ability to address lessening consumption, continuing price volatility, and more importantly, the pressure to reduce emissions. Companies that will emerge from the downturn will have rapidly reduced costs and invested effectively in energy-transition capabilities. Utility companies face a level of [...]


There is mounting pressure for Pharma and Healthcare companies to accelerate time to deliver at scale, reduce costs, and improve probability of success across the entire lifecycle.  Our experts know that data and analytics play a pivotal role now and could use more agility and transparency. A collaborative health ecosystem is that’s integrated with IoT, [...]


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studies to see how we help clients across multiple industries achieve their business and technology goals.

Intelligent ERP

Does your ERP strategy support your business objectives? Smartsoft has over 70 successful Intelligent ERP implementations. We also support a large number of customers that leverage SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. We help companies with smart and scalable ERP solutions. Our expertise in intelligent ERP, and other systems integration ensures a seamless approach that ensures client [...]

Digital Transformation

It is imperative that all businesses will need to adapt to operate in the new digital economy, to be able to provide services with agility and speed to customers, suppliers, workforce, stakeholders, business partners and other interested parties. Users also demand information in real time on devices they use and secure access from anywhere. Additionally, the [...]

Data Science & IoT

Does your business use interdisciplinary field that leverages scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from noisy data, both structured and unstructured?  We help apply knowledge and actionable insights from data across a broad range of application domains, all with the goal of helping our customers achieve better business outcomes. What we [...]

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To ensure client success by providing exceptional services leveraging superior technology, automating manual or repetitive human tasks, eliminating/ reducing errors and improving productivity.


Our team of professionals come equipped with broad, deep domain knowledge of key industries, deep client relationships, business process expertise, deep technology and support engineering skills that leverage our business, technical and transformational capabilities to ensure client success.


Our projects range from program management to systems engineering and business/operations transformation. We have successfully completed many projects involving the design, development, re-engineering and implementation of reliable business and technology solutions for our customers around the globe.

Customer focused

Our customers tell us we are focused on their success, flexible and easy to work with. They rank us very high for our focus on speed of execution, overall responsiveness to changing project demands, and on our maniacal focus on exceeding their expectations.

We Bring an Exceptional Blend of Business, Technology, and Industry Expertise
We develop, implement and manage technology and business solutions that addresses critical challenges faced by organizations. Over the last 20+ years, we have assisted thousands of global, large and mid-market companies across numerous industries, helping them achieve and exceed their business and technology goals.
We Are Focused on Client Success
At Smartsoft, we focus on delivering a core set of products and services and are strategically positioned to partner with our customers for the long term.