Is your system integrated with all physical and virtual components across the organization? SmarSoft helps with new implementations, upgrades of different platforms, multiple system connections and various systems integration. The full-blown Integration Platform on Cloud – SAP Cloud Platform Integration with pre-packaged integration content hub in cloud to discover, configure and manage that is engineered for Cloud. The multi-tenancy, rolling software updates and horizontal scalability is subscription-based usage, with strong focus on security including data isolation.

Production Planning & Execution, Quality, Maintenance

What we do

Multiple Solutions

Addressing the needs of multiple integration domains with one single solution. Message bus for Big Data and IoT scenarios. Enhanced OData provisioning capabilities

Developer productivity

Further enhancements in Integration Flow and ESR tools. Interface and Mapping Guidelines via Integration Advisor. Eclipse Luna (4.4) and Java 8 support. BPMN inclusive gateway declarative forms for BPM tasks. Browser-based Form and Approval Workflow Editor. Enhanced forms engine for BPM running HANA Cloud Integration content on Process Orchestration

Flexible deployment options

Shared capabilities between PI on-premises and HANA Cloud Integration. Smart Process Applications on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Connectivity, Governance and Operations

Further enhancements of REST adapter. JMS provider for BPM events. Integration with SAP API Management


Systems Integrations is a great solution for companies who struggle with working on multiple independent subsystems and experiencing a lot of time being wasted due to the necessity of re-entering data of the tools manuall
  • Streamline processes, reduce costs and ensure efficiency
  • Easier for administrators
  • Cost and storage savings
  • Better analysis
  • Improved system security
  • Real-time data
  • Accelerated growth and innovation.