Solution Description:

Warehouse Productivity System balances two competing needs: speed and accuracy. LPS provides visibility into how quick your people work without injuring themselves or causing damage to products. This allows your business to experience reduced customer complaints and costly restocking and re-delivery procedures. Warehouse productivity is a measurement of how well you manage this conflict, together with factors like on-time delivery and warehouse utilization

Our LPS takes warehouse employees activity data and reports productivity levels on a individual and/or group of employees. LPS helps organizations optimize workforce productivity by gaining visibility where their workforce labor dollars are being spent and how to optimize their labo

LPS Benefits – An LPS Reveals:

  • Timely visibility into employee performance
  • Which employees to promote or reward, and which might need training or counseling.
  • Visibility into processes that need improvement because they are inefficient or employees are struggling with it.
  • Decrease operational costs while increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Drive best practices and consistency across facilities
  • Staffing levels needed for work forecast, so you have just the right amount of staff for the job